Hand Coloring Black and White Images using Photoshop

Do you have lots of old photos in black and white that contain your grandparents precious memories? Do you want to convert those into color but you do not know how?

Then, this article will give an overview on how to convert those B&W photos to Color…

First and foremost we need to learn about Adobe Photoshop since this will be the main tool you will be using to enhance your photos. Photoshop is a graphics editing program that edits an existing photograph through manipulation. (for more information about Photoshop, check out http://www.photoshop.com/)

Now that we know what Photoshop is about, let us start learning the steps in hand-coloring black and white photos.

Step 1:

Open a black and white photo in Photoshop.

Step 2:

Change the photo color from grey scale to RGB color mode.

Step 3:

Select different parts of the image and paste them onto new individual layers.

Step 4:

Duplicate the current layer by selecting the Background Layer in the Layers window. Then choose the “Duplicate Layer” button in the “Layer” menu.

Step 5:

When prompted for a name for the new layer, enter something descriptive like for example “Coloring Layer” to remind you that this layer is intended to add the color to your image.

Step 6:

Set mode for your new layer to “Color” and opacity to “70%” using the drop-down controls that appear in the “Layers” window.

Step 7:

To start coloring, select the “Brush” tool from the toolbox window. Ensure that the Brush mode is also set to “Color” and also set the right brush size. Choose the color you wish to start tinting with. You may start with the skin tones.

Step 8:

You will notice the image becoming tinted as you paint over the image using the brush. Adjust the brush settings (like for example the size, soft edge, opacity, etc.) in order to achieve various effects. You can softly emerge colors or create sharp edges where it is needed.

Step 9:

Start to fill the features of the face, like applying red lipstick, color the hair brown, make the eyes green with white around them, and white teeth. “Apply makeup”  in areas where you think it is appropriate.

Step 10:

Continue coloring until you achieve the color that you like. If you are not yet satisfied, you can change any setting by double-clicking on the thumbnail with the shapes in it.

Step 11:

When you are satisfied with the output, save the image and print it according to your preferred size.

You have just learned how you can enhance your grandparents black and white photos into color versions.

If you’re not confident that you can do the job yourself, ScanCorner is always here to help you. Don’t hesitate to check us out at www.scancorner.co.uk !

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