Scan Images using the Digital GEM Technology

Digital GEM Technology or Grain Equalization & Management, which is developed by Applied Science Fiction, is capable of analyzing a film’s unique grain pattern pixel by pixel and extracting all data related to the image’s quality, sharpness and color. It also removes the grain from the scanned output of the image, which basically provides an improved look as a result.

Digital GEM Technology automatically enhances the clarity of the film image being scanned while preserving the image’s color, sharpness and gradations. This technology is equivalent to the noise reduction process in digital images.

This technology is basically very useful when you are scanning any type of film image into digital format. When this is applied, this technology will enable you to greatly improve the overall quality of the image that you scanned through the reduction or even the removal of unwanted grain in the output.

When you use this technology in conjunction with other forms of photo correction techniques or technologies you will surely be able to add a wow factor to your image.

Unlike the Digital ICE Technology which cannot be used on black and white films, Digital GEM works very well on these types of films.

The Digital GEM Technology is a part of the Digital ICE4 group of technologies, which include Digital ICE, Digital ROC, Digital SHO and Digital GEM.