Do the Boomerang!

Nowadays, Instagram is treated as a standard for every photographer and even under casual users the app has established itself rather quickly. With our without specific filters, using Hashtags and Snapshots they users are trying constantly to entertain their audiences with unique photos.  At the same time the content producers are touting for their part of the daily growing user base . As a natural consequence of the success of the application, it went a step further and enables the user to record moving pictures.
GIFs, short for graphic interchange format are an ever present phenomena of the internet. Even Facebook admitted the success of this graphical format by enabling GIFs as a n alternative to the rather monotonous profile picture.


But what is Boomerang and which features made it so unique? Under the Slogan: “IT’S NOT A PHOTO, IT’S NOT A GIF, IT’S BOOMERANG”, Instagram released its new application which came more or less as a surprise to the loyal user base.

The app is rather easy to use: press the record button and the rest will be done automatically. Boomerang records a series of a total of 10 pictures and combines them to a video of around 1 second. This extremely short video can be watched forwards and backwards. In addition it is the app also provides the characteristics share option to make the video available for friends and relatives.

The program is comparable to the Live-Photo feature of the IPhone 6. However, Boomerang has no restrictions concerning smartphones and can be installed on almost any commonly used mobile device.
While using the application on a frequent basis it is advised to ensure enough memory space is available. Regardless of the purpose, each and every video will be stored on the actual device. Like its predecessor Instagram, Boomerang is available for free and photos can be made in horizontal and portrait format, using front or rear camera of your smartphone. As a side note, it is not required to be a registered Facebook or Instagram user to have access to this application.
If you already tried Boomerang, please feel free to share your best moments and experiences with us. We are looking forward to all of your creative and ambitious projects.
Your ScanCorner-Team.

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